Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tobago, Back to Stone Age

Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary,
Orville London
The Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary, Orville London have stated that Tobago has been set back 20 years. He made this comment in relation to a submarine cable providing TSTT and T&TEC services that have been down since February 2012. 

In what he described as untenable, he calls on the relevant authority, the Ministry of Utilities, to address the problem of the defunct cable so as to restore normal communications services to the island of Tobago. 

The ramifications of this is wide spread. At the moment TSTT have discontinued its subscriptions for Internet services. It therefore means, persons wishing to pursue online courses, would now have to postpone or enroll in tradition methods,leaving jobs and family to go to Trinidad.  Further, the bandwidth for Tobago have thus been reduced, resulting in interruptions while streaming media, and increasing the time of uploads and file downloads. Further, businesses depending primarily on TSTT services face enormous interuptions, which can amount to financial loses. In addition,  it means that old subscribers would not be receiving the correct upload and download speeds for which you are currently paying for. Thus, Tobagonians must demand a rebate immediately. 
As for energy consumption, T&TEC is using the the diesel powered plant at the COVE to generate about 64 megawatts, to feed Tobago. As it stands, there is no redundancy systems in place for either of the two major Utilities and as such Tobago remains an Island that is at risk to the Dark Ages. 

In wake of all of this, Tobagonians are with concern observing the treatment meted out to them by the powers that be. Are the Ministers within the PP government sidelining the needs of Tobagonians, and reduces us to mere after thoughts on their agendas. Is it a deliberate plan to destroy the comfortable lives to which Tobagonians have enjoyed?  It is fasiciting to observe the treatment of Tobago and its people post 2010. Tobago have been plummeted to a 19th century Island. First CAL removed Tobago from being a destination stop, (a critical blow to tourism the backbone of Tobago economy). Then the cancellations of en route Cruise Ships to Scarborough a further blow to direct tourism. Moreover, to add insult to injury, Tobago must now restart the discussion of Internal Self Government, in addition,  to this prolong disruption of key infrastructure that is critical to almost every facet of Tobago's development. 

This continue discrimination against the needs of Tobagonians must end, before the lives of its citizens are plunged further into the Stone Age.   

Written by O.J.Noel
o9, July 2012

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