Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Coaliton in THA Election: MDD to Participate

Dr. Hughvon Des Vignes
Chairman of the
Movement for Democracy and Development
The Movement for Democracy and Development (MDD) signaled its intent to participate in the THA elections.  Word came as numerous Tobagonians was unsure as to whether we would see a forth party contest the THA elections.

The party's chairman Dr. Hughvon Des Vignes, indicated that the party would participate as a part of a coalition. He insisted however, that his party the Movement for Democracy and Development is not  contesting the 2013 THA elections, rather they will be participating.

He further indicated that his group would not be putting up candidates for every constituency as long as the other groups has suitable candidates that can go up in these districts. 

He then indicated that they have been working with the Advocates of God Governance and Citizens and Friends of Tobago, but held back the names of the others as he indicated it was not a done deal that these parties sees thing their way. 

Mr Des Vignes added that the MDD will be participating in the elections based on two issues. The first would be the issue of Governance while the second issue identified is what will happen to Tobago’s resources particularly that of its natural gas resources.

Dr. Des Vignes said the MDD has been in communities in Tobago enlightening citizens on these issues, and thus far the response has be good. The chairman disclosed that even though the MDD is comprised of persons who are competent enough to represent each constituency the party will not be concentrating on placing candidates in each constituency. He said all the groups forming the coalition will work together to decide who would be the best candidate for the area.

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