Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Ashworth Jack is a PP Muppet"

Ashworth Jack, Leader of the
Tobago Organisation of the People
"Ashworth Jack will stop at nothing to lead the THA. His ego is much bigger than his house, village and Tobago. He has no track record of achievement. Being anti-THA is not a solution. Mr. London and his team have definitely moved Tobago forward. We need to have Tobago leadership for the THA. Ashworth Jack likes being a muppet. Ashworth is assuming he is going to be leader of THA. Let us keep Ashworth as a muppet. Vote to keep Ashworth as a muppet. PP go through him under the bus when he lose. Then PP looking for another muppet. Ashworth Jack not good for us on Tobago"

This was a response to an article carried by the Tobago News last week, where Tracy Davidson-Celestine put a severe tongue lashing on political leader of the TOP, Ashworth Jack.  In more ways than one, I believe that the person who goes by the name "Vote" may be right in some aspects, and grossly mistaken on the other hand   What do you think? 

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