Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Indians Against Indians: A Three Way Battle in Trinidad.

Prime Minister
Kamla Persad Bissessar
Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh
In what has now become a three way battle between our Indian brothers and sister, the high way re route struggle has now seen a third contestant appearing on the battle front today in opposition to the position taken by Dr. Kublalsingh. A copycat hunger striker from Penal/Debe burst on the scene today in support of the very issue that  Dr. Kublalsingh now fights against for a 7th day.

Mystery Hunger Striker
This hunger striker showed up among scores of supporters demonstrating their support for the highway being built in the controversal proposed manner. this hunger striker's camp was erected in Penal near Kamla Persad Bissessar's Constituency office. He has now calling for an audience with the Prime Minister as he would not eat until the PM meets with him.  The interesting aspect of this entire "war" is that the High Way Re-route movement's proposal removes the highway from  passing within three communities inclusive of the Prime Minister's village of Siparia. It leaves much to be consider as to why Dr. Kublalsingh is now feeling the full length of the State's Might even from a former comrade in the person of Kamla Persad Bissessar in fighting against the Aluminum Smelter proposed by the former PNM regime.  Is it the a matter of State against Kublalsingh or is it a matter of Personalities/Persons against Kublalsingh. 

It is unfortunate that even while Kublalsingh begins to show signs of extreme frailness and dehydration the powers that be continues to display signs of politicking even at the expense of a life. Clearly, the PP government must be aware that a "Death" on their watch can never resound into becoming a positive for their cause. Had this been the response of an Afro Trinidadian to an East Indian protester surely it would have been painted with race303 by some political painters. However, the reverse is perpetrated only to the support of scores of unconscionable PP defenders. 

Today an Indian struggle rages on a midst an Indian resistance. One which has ambushed our beloved Country and  arrested the minds and infused venom and divisiveness among our people. Persons who would not have been directly affected by this minuscule situation has now become surrounded and affected by the current state of affairs, even as the international community watches on. There must an amicable end to this hostile situation. We do not need to see someone hospitalized or near death's door for him or her to have an audience with our Prime Minister. Even if persons may believe that his actions can set a dangerous precedence  Kublalsingh should not be left to his self imposed fate of death as he is not asking for change, he is not asking for money, he is not asking a signature to aide in his cause, all he seeks is an audience with the PM even if that might be two minutes. 

Today, I urge the Government and all parties involved to allow Good Sense to Prevail. As Panday rightfully said "where there is a human problem, there is a human answer". 

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  1. Indians against Indians? What a stupid 3rd world commentary..


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