Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kublalsingh Remembered, History would Show One Man Stood against a Tyrant!

Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh
History would show that One Man stood against tens of thousands. History would show that One Man fought for a Cause he believed in by laying down his life. History would show that one man, one brave man stood against the might of the State, knowing with all absolute that he stood the least of chances of victory yet, he fought ever relentlessly without fail. History would show that one free man stood against a tyrant Government, that one free man stood against many, willing to lay down his life for a Cause considered lost and of little value among an impervious, insentient Soulless Nation. 

This act would not be consigned to oblivion, lost, repressed or unremembered. Rather, this act would occupy the memories of history by and through your children's Generations and their children's children. This act of immense bravery and grit would ever be revered and venerated as one man endeavored to rescue but a Few from mysticism and tyranny. This act would inspire those throughout the ages that Free men can triumph over severity and absolutism. That free men can change the course of fate and usher in a future brighter than anything they can imagine. 

History would show that one man remained resolute to his cause, that although limited in his resources, his passion and drive remained chaste, undebased or unadulterated; Faithful through the end. History would show that one man stood selfless to a noble cause. That one man shed his blood, sweat and tears forsaking all, but Mother Earth. History would show that one man lay in a cot beneath a Silent tent, armed with but a sword. This sword built of determination and tenacity pierced the hearts and souls of many and though beaten, battered and torn one man rose a hundred times with long stares of boldness and bravery, tapping his shield of  persistence against the Mighty Army (the state) that stood before him. 

History would show that in this republic, men fought with their lives to ensure every citizen would have a voice. History would show that the world would have seen a demonstration of Will, Volition, Desire and Unwavering resistance to a cause embodied by one frail man. A man so driven by purpose, A man resolved in his intent,  A man pure and steadfast to his calling. This “Re-route!” movement would long be cited and remembered and forever enshrined in the memory of this retched land we call a Nation. 

 "Long live a Hero" ...“Long live Kublalsingh” .

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