Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Poll places Keith Rowley ahead of the Prime Minister

Winner of CCN tv6 Mid-Term Poll
Dr. Keith Rowley
If there is any reason for the present government to take stock of how their popularity has deteriorated, it should be the results of the recently concluded midterm poll. Though many reserve their trust and confidence for other statistically sound surveys and polls, it must be noted that a massive gap between winner and loser can only crystallize how accelerated the current popularity of the People's Partnership has been diminishing or increasing. 

Recently, one of the latest opinion polls conducted by a leading local station, confirms a clear electoral trend: the Prime Minister (PP) is losing her popularity hold, while Dr. Keith Rowley of the PNM is  gaining. The poll which ran for two weeks beginning from the 10th of Novermber to the 24th asked, If an election were called now, who would you vote for? Kamla Persad-Bissessar or Dr. Keith Rowley? The results of which were presented to the public at an evening news broadcast. 

Though the Prime Minister lead the polls for some time, the voting pattern seemed to change as every day her percentage seemed to be falling. It eventually dipped below that of Rowley's  who began slowly but would have picked up momentum in the second week of polling. Rowley was eventually declared the winner of the Poll winning by a landslide margin of 70 percent to 30 percent. 

Though the methodologies of these opinion polls may be questionable, one must not trivialize them to the extent by saying there is no significance, or "truth" in them neither can they be generalized. By all means, one should accept these results guardedly, however one should not disregard them, as they may possess elements of electoral implications embedded in these kinds of findings. 

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