Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Platform of Truth Gaining Momentum Ahead of the THA Election 2013

Hochoy Charles, Leader of The Platform of  Truth
It is quite early to make any pronouncement as to which political party would be victorious in the THA's  election come January 21 2013. However, it appears that the Hochoy led Platform of Truth (TPT) is gaining momentum at an accelerated rate. In a paid political hour on the 91.9 fm frequency today it was quite surprising that Hochoy received overwhelming support from callers to the program ahead of THA election. Even professed Trinidadians living in Tobago gave him resounding applauds and adulation.   

Hochoy is putting forth a Tobago party for the improvement of Tobago, and is advocating that his Tobago based party would empower Tobagonians and transform Tobago into a first world status. 

Hochoy stated that the PNM and TOP are not Tobago based and are not in the interest of Tobago as they are both affiliated with Trinidad lead parties. Hence he said that Tobago has no choice but to vote for the TPT.

He gave some statistics that the TPT could have won the 2009 THA elections without splitting votes as the percentage of non voters for that given year would have allowed them to win 11 of the 12 seats in the THA elections. He also was concerned about the number of electorates put forward by the EBC for this round of election. He said he has publicly called for information about the number of Trinidadians registering to vote in Tobago. Where they would have come from in Trinidad and to which area they would have registered to vote in Tobago. This he said should be dis-aggregated on a month to month basis from October 2011. 

The position by Hochoy is that the people of Tobago must not settle for governance under these Trinidad led parties, but rather accept that there is an alternative which was developed by Tobago people for Tobagonians,The Platform of Truth. 

Hochoy would be on the 91.9 fm frequency twice a week until the elections, every Tuesday and Thursday. 

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