Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Matter Closed" TOP Facebook Admin being Impolite to page Subcribers.

A Facebook fan page for the Tobago Organisation of the people set up in a bid to express the views of the TOP while engaging the wider population has been found to be impolite. A citizen of the Tobago, a potential supporter, a potential voter was told to go read "Matter Closed". 

The subscriber showed his reservations to Jack's explanation in defense of his multi-million dollar house at Mt. St. George. The subscriber believed that jack needed to assure Tobagonians even in the face of being referred to the Integrity commission he has always been above board in all his financial activities.  In addition, the subcriber believes that, as a person in public life, he should be a little more transparent instead of being displaying a shady  demeanor by not disclosing the company in which he is making this 'hefty' $35,000. 

The admin in his/her reply said " Tobago Organization of the People (TOP) Read the release carefully. He has done so. Matter closed.

Matter Closed? Thank you..Alyuh big and alyuh not in power yet...What alyuh go do when Yuh Reach? ...Spit on Meh?. 

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