Saturday, December 22, 2012

TOP Supporter Went Berserk In Supermarket

TOP Supporters
Last night a rare but telling incident happened during my Christmas shopping exercise at one of the more popular supermarket in the Western part of Tobago.  An over exuberant TOP supporter dress in his bright yellow TOP jersey and head band began shouting at the "TOP" of his voice "Alyuh Ah Fed Up Talk, Ah doh care,  Alyuh Vote de PNM Nah, Alyuh Vote de PNM Nah, Alyuh Dead, Ah Doh Care Alyuh Dead... Storming through the isles as every one stood in awe ensuring he had sufficient clearance to pass, less another out-burst might be eminent. A caucasian woman running out of his way afraid of the "madman" antics. 

Twas, a bit of a respite for me, who would have found it rather amusing, as I would have been  shuffling my way through the overcrowded supermarket for about two and a half hours.  Although many would have laughed it off, it is clear that a midst the Joyous spirit of Christmas is a highly charged political battlefield, with fanatical foot soldiers, which might at some time display over zealous and obsessive behaviors. My fellow Tobagonians, let us not become too overly absorbed  and drawn in the political battlefield. Let us not become enemies over allegiances to different political doctrines. Lets maintain and demonstrate an atmosphere of Love even if we are on the other side of the divide. Because after all is said and done, when the votes have been counted and the winner proclaimed, be it PNM or TOP or Whoever, we all must live in this Island we called Tobago as one.   

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