Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jack Warner: THA Election Blatant Tribalism

Jack Warner, Minister of National Security
In a desperate bid to prop up support for the Peoples Partnership, Jack Warner in his assessment of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Election stated that the result reflected how palpable the notion of fear among African population can be. Warner believed that the people of Tobago succumbed to a fear that was preached by  the PNM "It was rank and of course blatant tribalism, it was race at its worst" He said.

Noting that the people of Tobago did not consider the level of corruption and nepotism of the PNM's administration, He said they only took into account the message of an invasion, something that would imprison them. Jack Warner and the Prime Minister were heavily active and involved in the lead up to the THA election 2013, opening a New Gas Station and a branch of UTT, while walking the streets canvassing for their associate Ashworth Jack. He noted that the PP government would have to do some introspection, but more critically  assess how the UNC and its supporters are viewed by certain section of the society. 

Warner was not the only person which stated that "Race" was the deciding factor. Attorney General Anand Ramlogan another UNC member stated that PNM's THA election campaign was "clearly race based" and that Hilton Sandy's "Calcutta" statement was a defining milestone.  

Meanwhile Bhoe Tewarie expressed shock at the PNM's landslide victory while Ramadher sees TOP's loss in the THA's election as a big wake up call for the Government.

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