Monday, January 14, 2013

London: Jack Was Cheating

Ashworth Jack at the THA Debate 2013
The conversation of the controversial issue surrounding Ashworth Jack's possession of "Notes" for the historic political debate in the THA elections 2013 continues to surface at political campaigns. yesterday at the massive meeting in Roxborough Orville London, Leader of  the PNM Tobago Council and member for Scarborough/Calder accused Jack of being a cheater. 

London stated that the rules were that none of the leaders would walk with Notes. However, he was taken aback at how Ashworth Jack was able to quote Central Statistical Data off his head. "All schoolchildren understand, you come to exam, you cannot carry notes into exam, but they don't care," he said. He continued saying that Hochoy, knowing that kind of man Ashworth to be, looked around his head and saw the green paper on  Ashworth Jack's desk. Stating that for someone who is aspiring for the highest office, he came to the Debate and expected to cheat his way through. 

This morning Hochoy Charles corroborated London's account of the incident on a program on 91.9 FM. Stating that Ashworth Jack indeed had "green paper" on his desk which he eventually put away in his jacket pocket after the call was made for no notes. 

Ashworth was giving names at the PNM campaign as Thief Secretary and Cheat Secretary. 

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