Friday, January 18, 2013

PNM Closes Public Meetings on a High for THA Elections 2013

Dr. Keith Rowley Addressing Supporters at
Bon Accord Last night in their final Public Meeting.
Last night a carnival like atmosphere could have been seen at the Bon Accord Junction where supporters of  the main parties in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections clashed. Supporters of the TOP and the PNM brought traffic to a halt as they literally took over the roads, with the protective services having to funnel traffic through auxiliary roads. 

This was all in the lead up to what would be the closing of the PNM's public Meetings, the finale being  held at Bon Accord. 

A seemingly somber London spoke before stating that this election was the most challenging yet still the most gratifying in his life of politics. After endorsing Huey Cadette the candidate for Canaan Bon Accord, along with Handel Beckles Bethel/Mt.Irvine and Ancil Dennis of Buccoo/Mt. Pleasant he weighed in heavily on the PP style of politics.

Orville London, Speaking at Bon Accord Last night 
Quoting from a text message he received last night he read the contents which he described as a "cry of a mother". Reading to the crowd without calling names, he mentioned a child which witnessed a corrupt act done by members of the opposite side paying a person 500 dollars for his vote on Monday.  He said, this is the style of the PP Government and Tobagonians must ensure that this type of political culture does not come to Tobago. 

London concluded on a strong note reiterating their theme and mantra for the THA elections "In defense of Tobago". He stated that Tobago is poised to continue moving forward with the combination of youth and experience that the PNM has put forward.

Leader of the Opposition and Political Leader of the PNM Dr. Keith Rowley was present to address the large crowd gathered. In his speech, he accused the PP of attempting to use the parliament of Trinidad and Tobago to aide in their political campaign for the TOP. He noted that the Bill laid in parliament yesterday was only an attempt to make it seem that she would have delivered on her promise. Noting that the PNM could never support such a rushed bill he told the crowd gathered that when he got the parliament the Bill was still not ready, when i got the bill in my hand it was still warm as we say " hot off the press" He condemned the Prime minister for laying such a crucial bill at this election time saying that it was "Reckless and dangerous". 

He continued his onslaught aiming at the TOP, criticizing them for their use of children in their political campaign in such a way that they disrespect the Chief Secretary. How can you have children calling the Chief Secretary by his first name "Orville" I know in Tobago you might have gotten ah lash across your face for that Said Rowley. In closing he told supporters that he was proud of them, and that he is proud to be one of them urging all to come out in their numbers and vote resoundingly for the Peoples National Movement on January 21. 

Below Are Pictures of Supporters and Speakers at the Meeting.

Huey Cadette Candidate for Canaan/Bon Accord

Ancil Dennis Candidate for Buccoo/Mt. Pleasant

Handel Beckles Candidate for Bethel/Mt. Irvine

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