Monday, January 7, 2013

PNM's Might & Power Shown In Defense of Tobago, At Market Square

A PNM sea of red descended in Market Square Scarborough yesterday (Jan 06 2013) proclaiming their message in defense of Tobago. Not even the inclement weather could have prevented supporters from showing their true colors.  From as early as 2 o clock, a constant stream of PNM supporters came adorned in their PNM apparel. From arm bands to rags, flags, plaque cards, posters,balisiers and bells all geared to show how dedicated they are are to message of the PNM. There could be no doubt that this showing was in response to TOP's massive campaign last week. 

Yesterday, members representing the PNM for the 2013 round of Election were introduced to the country a second time. Speaker after Speaker graced the stage proclaiming their message "Defending Tobago" while indicating to their supporters that a vote for the TOP is Support for UNC.

Picong was not out of the mix, as a self proclaimed farmer took to the mic making remarks to Ashworth Jack's claims of Pumpkin and Cucumbers much to laughter and horn blowing by the crowd.  From Horn blowing to Bell ringing, to Iron beating and drumming supporters shouted the chorus of "PNM  We Coming".  The atmosphere was electrifying.

Claudia Groom Duke, the speaker for the candidates of Tobago West boasted of a mixer of youth and experience a quality that could have been seen in the composition of their supporters. Itemizing various accomplishments of the PNM such as the Scarborough health center, she congratulated the Tourism department for Tobago being voted Island of the Year.

Political leader of the PNM and Opposition Leader was also among the speakers. He started off signalling to supporters that he is no stranger. He is ah Tobago boy and no one could say any different. He indicated to the supporters that even a good showing of support was not enough to win an election, advising them to go to the polls on 21st of January so that Orville would be the Chief secretary on the 22nd of January  He further indicated that Tobago need to send a message to the PP Government  that they cannot do any thing and get away, drawing reference to Section 34 which he claims allowed supporters of their party to get away from criminal charges.

He was followed by Orville London who was serenaded by a little girl singing a PNM version of R Kelly's song Worlds Greatest. London, in his speech once again challenged Jack Warner to bring evidence of him owning a gas station and seven (7) houses. He further indicated that there was one thing that the people of Tobago have worked hard for and that is internal self governance. He indicated that the PNM would like a federal state much similar to that of Canada. Ashworth Jack want to leave it up to Anand Ramlogan, Kamla and  Moore to give us 11 miles London said. Siting that Kamla knew that 10 miles was not enough, they added one more still disregarding Tobago's "Voice" and taking it to the Parliament on Monday. In closing He advised the capacity turn out to VOTE for the PNM Vote for them based on their track record.

Here are just a few Unedited Photos from the Massive Rally in Scarborough. 



  1. good luck to all candidates! impressive show

  2. we will win by God's grace great is the PNM and it shall and always will prevailed

  3. ah wonder if scamla ent seeing that massive crowd

  4. We will beat them in the East,we beat them in the West,we will beat them in the North,we will beat them in the South. Famous quote by (Mr Patrick Manning) That we will do. PNM is great.

  5. What has PNM done for Tobago over the past 12 years? saddens me that people are willing to re-elect a party that has done nothing but sleep at the wheel. They have built an esplanade- with random shops and stalls that look pretty...but do the persons renting them make any money? do the tourist docking on tourist ships use this area and spend their money here? The answer to both questions is NO. They built a monster of a facility in Buccoo. Do the villagers have access to it? Does the Bucconners Steel Orchestra get to perform there to make money during the weekly Sunday School festivities? Have they repaired the entry to the Buccoo Beach that was degraded during this construction? Why are people from outside the village being paid thousands a month to 'manage' it instead of the Village council? The answer to these questions is again a big NO! Wake up Tobago- my young tobagonians- wake up! This is so much more than black-white or indian. This is so much more! Don't you want a thriving economy for your children? Do you want to see a new Tobago- a developed Tobago? It is time to take a risk and take a chance to grow and develop as a people and an island. We can't be so scared we re-elect PNM- who has done nothing but talk and complain for the past 12 years.

  6. This a last resort by the PNM .... But I hope and prayer that the people who live on our sister island Open their eyes enough to see through the smoke screen that is the PNM. Long Term People..... Not today for tomorrow. Think about your children like the previous person wrote. PNM has proven lack of leadership and capabilities, many many times in the past. Are you really going to play blind and put them back in a position to ruin this Fantastic country.... AGAIN????? Allyuu Dotish Or wah?

    1. you who are saying that the pnm did nothing for the twelve years, you are dishonest and living in a crab hole with dirt in your eyes not wonder you can't see the development. shame on you.

    2. I read those comments about PNM having not done anything in the 12 years and shake my head and laugh..... really? what abt the secondary schools built and various primary and secondary schools refurbished and upgraded? what about the roads that were fixed, bridges built, retaining walls constructed...and so much more. it saddens my heart to see such an ungrateful dishonest people. cause i sure that everybody on this island has stood to gain from the PNM's plans and initiatives in some form or way, ya'll too dishonest! i agreee there were hiccups and mishaps and downfalls within the PNM administration but i not surprised abt that...... anyone would be foolish to expect things to run smooth with any organisation. ppl need to remember that is PEOPLE running the show. not gods. we all human with our defects and faults. i dealing with facts and the fact is that as much as i am all for change, i dont want that sort of change that the TOP will bring about, no thank you. elections are not even over as yet and i seeing with my two eyes what taking place already, actions speak far greater than words. i cool. TOP is not ready to take the helm.


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