Monday, January 14, 2013

PNM's Mighty Red Army Invades Roxborough

Supporters at Roxborough Last Night for PNM's Political Meeting
With a Tsunami Wave of Red, PNM party supporters flooded the Cyd Gray Stadium Car Park last night in PNM's presentation of candidates. It was a massive crowd unlike any other meeting held for the 2013 THA elections. A capacity crowd estimated at about 10000 people were gathered. Roads were almost impassable as the crowd  spilled over the road ways. 

Speaker after Speaker graced the stage articulating anti TOP messages, the lively crowd responding distinctly clear with shouts of PNM to the question "who yuh voting for". Supporters waved flags, danced, rang bells, blew horns drummed and chanted the names of their representatives. At one instance the crowd over powered the video presentation being shown chanting Orville, Orville, Orville. 

Adjacent to the meeting were heavy equipment turning. Cement trucks were seen hard at work in an effort to finish the concrete works at the Roxborough Gas station which is said to be open tomorrow by Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar. The Prime was earlier seen at Church in Plymouth that morning and Tobagodaily caught up with her on the campaign trial at Mason Hall earlier that evening. 

Dr. Keith Rowley one of the feature speakers list the top ten atrocities commented by the Peoples Partnership. He urge supporters to send a clear message to the Government that they cannot be bought. He indicated that their were ten truck in Trinidad loaded with food stuff destined for Tobago, he described the Trucks, gave their number plate and the date of arrival as Tuesday the 15th January. He further noted that the people of Trinidad is depending on Tobago to send a clear message to Government on January 21. He urge all not just to be satisfied waving flags, partying and enjoying themselves, but to go to the polls where it matters most and put their "X" by the PNM. 

London was the last speaker of the night and asked the crowd to forgive him for being somber. He weighed in on Ashworth Jacks' house and his integrity as he is applying for the highest position in the Assembly. Saying that he cannot be trusted, London drew reference to the Political Debate where Hochoy Charles Accused Ashworth of bringing Notes,  'No Notes shouted the laughing crowd'. 

The night ended with several acts of performances and all the candidates coming off the stage, getting into the crowd meeting and greeting the dancing supporters. PNM's Red Army really took the streets and showed a great showing which their main opponent cannot or should not take likely. 

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