Monday, February 4, 2013

COP Talk Out or Face the Realities of TOP

Prakash Ramadhar, Leader of the
Congress of the People
The Congress Of the People seems to be grossly contented with towing the line within this partnership.  Seldom do we hear Prakash Ramadhar, leader of the COP, independently being critical of the Government  of which he is part of. This is no strange behavior, as a matter of fact it is a behavior which has been consistent across the board with all parties involved in the Partnership except for that of the UNC.

A subservient, uncritical, subordinate disposition to the UNC has become the defining characteristics of all Parties withing the  Coalition.  So dominating is the UNC, that no one usually sees or hear the others, with Jack Warner, Anand Ramlogan and the Prime Minister stealing the lot of airtime and media coverage. The UNC's dominating behavior was seen and felt in the recently concluded THA's election, all to the detriment of Ashworth Jack's TOP. So devastating was his demise, he has now found himself in a political abyss so deep no political pirate can find him. 

It seems that aside from the leader of the MSJ, David Abdulah, the only voice who is willing to challenge this UNC's domination is that of Carolyn Seepersad-Bachancan. In recent times Seepersad-Bachancan has proven to be the only one concerned with maintaining her party's independence and identity, although being in an collective political group. 

This is of utmost importance, as the realities are showing this nation that a coalition party may not be the best option in 2015. It is therefore imperative that Ramadhar remember that although it is necessary as a cabinet member to maintain collective responsibility, as the leader of the COP he also has a duty (by those who would have voted for them) to represent and speak out against malpractices, corruption and other various atrocities. It is therefore conclusive that Ramadhar quickly develop testicular fortitude in an effort to chart his own political path, rather than stubbornly following a blind, wayward UNC lead Partnership (which is, but almost a corpse) into a grave by suffering a sure political death.

Ramadhar, Talk Out or Face the realities of the TOP. 

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