Friday, February 1, 2013

Jack to Announce His Political Future next Tuesday

Ashworth Jack the leader of the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) is expected to break his silence about his political future. Party sources have indicated that this would be done next week Tuesday. In a brief interview with the T&T Guardian last Wednesday, Jack confirmed he was still meeting with members of the TOP to discuss his future.
Ashworth Jack, Leader of the
Tobago Organisation of the People
Jack in his concession speech told the media that he took full responsibility for the TOP's defeat, adding that the party will assess where it went wrong and all decisions regarding his future role in the party and politics in general would be under consideration. He further stated that he would make a decision regarding his political future within 48 hours. To date more than a week later, there have been no public statement about his future as leader and about his political career. 

There have been many calls for Jack to step aside, with some saying his defeat was a clear sign the Tobago electorate had rejected his leadership and he should allow someone else to lead the party forward. However, there have been no public calls or statement from the TOP membership. 

Party sources said a meeting of various members took place on Wednesday, with the leader Jack admitting that various members and groups within the TOP had requested to meet with him and he had agreed. However, he indicated that he did not want to make any comment about the meetings only that he had already met with the TOP's Youth Group members and the Executive. 

On Monday the last of those meetings is expected to be held, after which TOP will hold a news conference on Tuesday, where Jack will address his political future.

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