Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tobago bands bring flavour to the stage

More than 20 bands— small, medium and large—crossed the stage in Scarborough on Carnival Tuesday, in a sea of colour and creativity.

Revellers danced and pranced yesterday to the music of Austin "SuperBlue" Lyons, along with the spectators who came out in their numbers, to enjoy the final day of Carnival 2013. The popular choice was SuperBlue's "Fantastic Friday".

Among the bands to parade before the judges was Lue Ann Melville and Associates with her presentation of A Taste of Tobago.

This band was one of the large bands to cross the stage, with sections including the Spirit of the Reef, Drums of Freedom, and the Guardian of the Rain Forest.

Melville said while the making of a Carnival band is an expensive one, she has no regrets.
"I will always continue with my mas as long as God gives me health and strength," she said.
Other bands included Lindy Melville and Associates and her presentation of Precious Gems, which included the Tiger's Eyes' bright yellow feathers which fluttered before the judges, along with other fun colours of purple and peach.

There was also Trinbago Flavours by Sandra Gopaul, with some of the tasty food Tobago is famous for, including the ever-popular crab and dumpling.
Activities continued into the night with traditional mas and the senior band of the day.

Reproduced from Trinidadexpress

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