Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tobago Population revealed at launch of Census Demographic Report by the CSO

The Population of Tobago is now at the highest it has even been, this was revealed at the launched of the 2011 National Population and Housing Census Demographic Report last Tuesday. The Central Statistical Office (CSO) under the auspices of the Ministry of Planing and Sustainable Development revealed that the population of Tobago stands at 60,874.  This is a 1.1 percent population growth experienced by the island within Intercensal dates (every 10 years). 

The last recorded population of Tobago was recorded as 54,084 persons in 2000.  It took the CSO a record breaking 18 months to publish this data. Highlights of the report showed that the growth rate experienced by Tobago is consistent with that of Trinidad, which showed that the population growth is slowing considerably. For Tobago, the Parish of St. George experienced the highest growth rate per annum while the Parish of St. John would have experienced a negative decline. Further, the data revealed that Tobago is comprised of 85.2 percent Africans, 8.5 percent Mixed and 2.54 percent Indian. However, nationally although both Africans and Indians have declined, Indians remain the dominant minority group 35.4 percent followed by Africans 34.2 percent with Mixed being 22.8 percent. 

Most of the data presented would have been aggregated data comprising of both Trinidad and Tobago figures. The CSO must in the near future work on a publication that would have Tobago specific data which would be most welcomed by Planners and Policy makers of the Tobago House of Assembly. 

The speakers at the Launch were the Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development, Senator, Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie, Dr. Philomen Harrion, Project Drirector, Regional Statistics CARICOM, Ms. Aurara Noguera-Ramkissoon, UNFPA and Mr. Dave Clement the out going Director of Statistic.  Dignitaries present included Minister of Education, Dr. Tim Goopesingh and Secretary for Settlement and Labour within the THA Huey Cadette. 

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