Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tobago Tourism Stakeholders wants New International Airport.

ANR Robinson Airport-Tobago
Tourism stakeholders in Tobago have today collectively called on the Airport Authority to furnish the people and the industry of tourism with a new ANR Robinson international airport. Tobago tourism stakeholders' voice was called into action over  the Airport Authority's announcement of  'patching and fixing' the 30 year old ANR Robinson Airport, an activity which is to commence shortly at the cost of one hundred and fifty million.  

The Tobago Tourism stakeholders indicated that it was not fair to the people of Tobago nor the industry to have a sub standard international airport "patched and fix'. Chief Secretary Orville London also said that the airport is in need of attention and sited the current state of the Airport for Virgin Atlantic's pull out. However, the airport authority have indicated that the fixing of the airport is only an interim intervention. The Airport Authority further noted that the renovations are geared to increase international arrivals as the Airport authority must ensure it is economical and efficient. They also stated that the interim face lift is part of a more comprehensive overhaul that should take place one flights are increased to the island. 

Over the years tourism has continued to be the main income earner for Tobago, however, in recent times the sector has been plagued with numerous problems, the last being the withdrawal of Virgin Atlantic flights to the Island. 

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