Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 Year Old Tobagonian Makes History: Passes CSEC Exam

Ivor Smart poses with Sandeera Lewis  in celebration. 
A young and bright protégé, 10 year old Sandeera Lewis, is the youngest student in the Caribbean to write and pass a CSEC exam. This comes on the heels of the CSO study thatv says Tobago’s students are not performing as well as students in Trinidad in both the SEA and CSEC exams.

The student of Scarborough RC School, Sandeera attempted Social Studies and passed with a Grade 3. She says she is very dedicated to her studies and she felt confident enough to attempt the exams, through the guidance of her tutor, Mr. Ivor Smart. Sandeera has been under the tutorship of Ivor Smart since the tender age of three and he recognised that she had something that the other children did not.

“She was rather moved by the idea and hence the reason. Whatever was imparted unto her, she took it seriously and justice was done in the results,” Smart said.

Even though Sandeera is a well-disciplined child, her Standard 5 teacher, Patricia Wafe stated that she is a normal child who loves to play, and is occasionally mischievous.

Her mother, Jillian Lewis, has been her primary support, and had no objections when her tutor, Mr. Smart recommended that she pursue the CSEC exams. She said her daughter is a very industrious, bright and focused child. “To God be all the glory and the praise, and then very humbled because if you lose that sense of humility then you lose focus.” Her mother said.

Sandeera is not stopping here and will also be attempting the HSB and English CSEC exams in four months, as well as SEA exams in 2 months.

She wants to be a minister of religion and a criminal lawyer when she grows older. “I will like to tell everyone that once you have faith in the Lord, he would help you. So you can do anything you put your mind to,” Lewis said.

Reproduced from Tobagonews


  1. Brilliant! I am most proud to be a Tobagonian! All the best my dear! You have dine us proud!

  2. i went school with her lol miss you sandeera please continue to strive or work hard to your dreams


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