Sunday, March 17, 2013

187 Security Camaras Installed in Tobago

Closed Circuit Cameras
Closed Circuit Camaras are now becoming a normal phenomenon of our daily lives. Each day, citizens movements through out the country is captured, monitored, recorded and review if necessary all by hundreds of cameras. These cameras, usually seen at traffic lights can now be seen everywhere,  at major intersections and in our very own villages. But what are the real purpose of  these cameras? have they aided in the prevention or fight against crime? 

Even though they were here before, most security cameras in Tobago were observed by the average person sometime in 2010. Residents questioned why were they installed, who requested them, who monitors them and who are allowed to access the footage.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Hugh Lovell of the Tobago Police Division told channel five about the Tobago security cameras initiative. It was rumored that TEMA is affiliated with this initiative but Director Mr. Allan Stewart dispelled this.

According to ACP Lovell there are at present 187 security cameras installed throughout Tobago. The monitoring, reviewing and use of these cameras fall under the remit of the police service. He indicated that there are challenges with effectively monitoring the systems simultaneously.

This however does not deter the police from accessing footage to what may have transpired during an incident in a particular area. Most of these cameras were installed in hotspots and they were installed in an effort to aide in the fight against crime as Police officers may not always be present as any given point.

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