Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Charlotteville resident cries Political Victimization

Former Trade Assistant with the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities – Development section in the Windward District is alleging political victimization, for loss of employment since 2008.

Mr. Roland Thompson of Charlotteville who claims he has been unemployed since 2008, blames political victimization from the PNM for his present unemployment status. Mr. Thompson said he was a financial member of the union for five years but when it was time for him to get representation to be re-employed the union abandoned him during this dark period of his life. He claimed he was told by an official of the union, that the NUGFW has no bargaining power to represent development workers.

He said he was left in the lurch minus all the monies he made in contributions to the organization. He said he invested whatever savings he had to make a living otherwise. He further said "all i did was support and vote TOP, and never got back a days work from 2008.  We contacted Grievance Officer of the NUGFW, Mr. Kenneth Thomas who told us that the allegations and accusations made against the union by Mr. Thompson are misleading.

He explained that the NUGFW is the legitimate bargaining body for all daily rated workers nationally except for two regional corporations in Trinidad. He also claimed he is unaware that Mr. Thompson is unemployed; and if his memory serves him right Mr. Thompson was employed during 2008 and there after.

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