Sunday, April 14, 2013

17 Year Old Beaten by Police

THREE men who were held and questioned in connection with the theft of Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) leader Ashworth Jack’s loaded 9-millimetre pistol and cash have been released with no charges laid against them.

But 17-year-old Junior Melville, one of the trio held by police since Wednesday, said he was released yesterday only after being beaten by the police.

Melville said he was held around 8 p.m. on Wednesday by three police officers, who accused him of breaking and entering Jack’s house at Mt Grace and stealing his pistol, 15 rounds of ammunition and cash. That is when he claims the beating began.

“And the officer started to beat me, he put the handcuff on my hands and he start to choke me on the ground, he kick me in my face. He take off the handcuff, he take it and hit me in my head,” said Melville.

“They  beat me, they buss my eye, they hit me a gun butt in my eye. You could actually see the  blood on my jersey still remaining there. I just come out of prison,” he added. 

Melville said he asked for food and something to drink but received nothing. And a phone call, which is usually granted to those in custody, was also denied. 

“I ask them for something to eat...they was not feeding me. They was not giving me nothing. I call the police officer, I asked for a phone call, he tell me this is not a hotel. I went and sleep, I wake had some kind of water in a bucket, he throw it on me.”

Still a student at Scarborough Secondary School, Melville said he will never feel the same again about the Police Service as he remains traumatised.

“If they could do this to me, they could do this to anybody else. Even underage people. If you come in there, is the same way they treating you at the Scarborough Police Station and Crown Point.” 

Officers confirmed that no charges were laid against the three men held in connection with the break-in at Jack’s home and enquiries are continuing into the matter.

On the beating accusations by Melville, Assistant Commissioner for Tobago Heflin George said he was only made aware of the matter when the Express contacted him and he would ask Senior Supt Garfield George if a report was made and further investigations will be carried out.


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