Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Found in CardBoard Box Near Beetham

Information reaching Tobagodaily is that a baby was found in a cardboard box within the vicinity of Beetham Port of Spain.

According to police reports the body of the child was discovered by a scavenger known only as “Boxer” at the Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) run landfill around 11.45 a.m.

Police said “Boxer” thought the child was a toy and upon closer examination realised that it was a baby girl in the cardboard box among the rubbish.

Police said District Medical Officer Dr Robertson who visited the scene and pronounced the child dead before ordering the body to be removed estimated that the child could not be any older than one week.

Insp Sahadeo Singh and Superintendent Nanan visited the scene and conducted enquiries. Sgt Lodhar of the Homicide Bureau was appointed to continue investigations.

Any person knowing a woman that was pregnant, gave birth and is now without her child please report to the police.

This is a cruel act and the person responsible for such a heinous crime should not go unpunished.


  1. If toi do mot Wanted thé Baby gobe her To thé adoption People, so she can have a chance at Life.

  2. i find that the manner in which they found that cute innocent child it's not right for whose ever did this is very not there at all, what I'am really saying is they could of ( 1 ) drop it by a friend? ( 2 ) leave it by the family planning? ( 3 ) or drop it by a police station? i know they wouldn"t do no.3 so i say why do they get involve with men if they don't want any children, so whosoever did that should be held responsible for neglect.


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