Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Discriminatory and Illegal Rules Displaced and Enforced at Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex

Discriminatory and Illegal  Rules Displace and Enforced at
Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex Tobago.
If you journeyed to Scarborough on any given day please remember to dress appropriately to secure entry to the "MOST HOLY PLACE" known as the Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex. Some one or some group of "Self Righteous" individuals have formulated rules for entry which can be described as nothing short of discriminatory, self imposing, morally fanatical, unscrupulous and illegal.  

Persons wishing to conduct business at the Victor E. Bruce can be debarred legitimate entry for exposing Cleavage, exposing Abdomen, Back or Chest, wearing a Leggings or Tights, walking Bare Feet, wearing Short pants inclusive of three quarter pants (male or female), Sleeveless, Low cut tops and the illegality continues without conscience. 

Where is the protection of persons rights within the constitutional frame work guaranteed to us in Section 4 of the constitution? How dare the Tobago House of Assembly imposed upon "FREE" men someone else's virtues and morals for the an entire population to confirm with/to without protest?

This move by THA is nothing short of illegal and dictatorial from all angles. It was only in the now concluded January Elections former Councilor in the THA, Yvette Parks- Caruth was debarred from entering the compound of the Victor E. Bruce with a political paraphernalia on her car.  Tobagodaily as Yvette Parks-Caruth tried to obtain information as to who would have create such rules and was told this is a public building and persons must dress decent.

Channel Five dealing with the last incident took the time to speak to a prominent Attorney at Law, who expressed alarmed that any citizen could be debarred from entering a public building because of political paraphernalia and dress code.  The Lawyer further stated that action should be taken against the person responsible for issuing such an order, and noted that there is no law which states how persons should attire themselves when entering public buildings. However, Mr. George said private business owners can place restrictions on the dress code of their clientele if they so desire.

Tobagonians, this is an illegal act which is unsatisfactory  and flawed by design, and should be condemned without fail.  Citizens of Tobago must be allowed the freedom to conduct business without the interference of some elite group bearing down on citizens their philosophy and ideologies of moral decorum. Persons must be allowed the freedom of movement and the freedom of thought and expression  enshrined in the Constitution.  This move is not only dictatorial but also peremptory and illegal in all its form.  Tobagodaily urges the person responsible for this constitutional infringement on the rights of all Tobagonains, to immediately remove that trifling sign that stands as a blatant disregard to the Supreme Law and to the rights of  all citizens within this democracy. 

Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex must not be allowed to continue in its sacrilegious demeanor, and confer on its self a higher order than is even commanded by our Courts of Law and Religious Temples. 

For me, the person creating such a 'dotish' rule can only be described as a religious fanatic who is attempting to use his/her position to impress upon the population of Tobago their impressions of morality and values.

TobagoDaily condemns any rule that trespasses or infringes upon the rights prescribed to all by the Constitution, whether it may be described as "good rule" or whether it may be described as having "good intent". If it is not the LAW no rule should be shoved upon or imposed on a population for conformity.

They should be sued!!! 

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