Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jack is Back

Political Leader of the Tobago Organisation of the People
 Ashworth Jack

Political Leader of the Tobago Organisation of the People Ashworth Jack has made a re-entry on the scene. Jack, speaking at the biweekly briefing informed the press that he was out of the country for business and a long overdue vacation. “I am back and I am ok,” Jack stated, as he sought to put to rest speculation and rumours about his health including being in a coma and suffering a stroke. 

Jack commented on several issues at the national level and from his comments, he left no room for assumption about the TOP’s present role and continued support for the People’s Partnership Government. Jack commented on the Defence Bill and saw no problems with soldiers having police powers to help with the “unacceptable crime situation.” Jack stated that crime should not be politicized and supported the Government’s decision on the bill. When asked about the Minister of National Security, Jack Warner, and his current woes, Jack said that he “finds no evidence as yet” pointing towards any guilt of the Minister. He however, believes “if he (Warner) is guilty, he should face the consequences as anyone else.” Jack steered clear of the matter because he believed that he too was in a similar predicament prior to the election about the construction and financing of his house.

“There is rouge in everything, there is no perfect profession,” Jack explained as he commented on the statement by Prime Minister Kamla Persard-Bissessar regarding journalists. “The police, media, teachers and politicians are all products of the society, and some go outside the norm” Jack stated.
Jack commended the operations of Caribbean Airlines and the Port Authority for their operations over the weekend. According to Jack, both Organisations “out-did themselves in an attempt to ease the travel,” between the two islands. He noted that Caribbean Airlines added four additional flights and there were additional sailings of the T&T Express and Spirit to accommodate traveling passengers. Jack credited the People’s Partnership for this effort, but saw it unfortunate that the work at the Scarborough Port is unfinished.

Source: Tobagonews

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