Friday, April 5, 2013

Police to be charged with human trafficking and Rape

In a dramatic turn of events, a police officer with 23 years’ service is expected to be charged with rape and human trafficking.

The police officer was taken into custody yesterday, with the file being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for further directions.

On March 25, 17 Colombian women were arrested—three in Princes Town and 14 in Marabella at popular bar. Through an interpreter, the three from Princes Town, who were handed over to the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, said a police officer was involved in them being brought to this country. With one claiming she was raped by the said constable.

Investigations continued and the officer was questioned after giving evidence in a court matter.
A Colombian man was also assisting police officers in their investigation after he was caught during a sting operation.

Immigration officers received a phone call from a person who said he was willing to pay to have the Colombian women released.
The man was held after he attempted to hand over thousands of dollars in cash.

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