Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Central Statistical Office Has Been Shut Down by OSHA


The Central Statistical Office-Trinidad (CSO) has been shut down by Trinidad and Tobago Occupational Safety and Health Authority and Agency  (OSHA) moments ago. CSO, the agency responsible for National Statistics is under the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development, which only yesterday held a consultation at the Works Conference Room on National Spatial Development Strategy and the Comprehensive Economic Development Plan for Tobago, a part of a nationwide consultation.  

The building which now houses them  is located at 81 Independence Square P.O.S and was deemed unfit by the its representative Union and also by OSHA. The building is said to have exposed electrical wiring  and is grossly affected by the weather currently experienced and by flooding. Information reaching Tobagodaily is that work has been suspended till further notice and workers have been ordered off the compound. Signs stating that the building is unfit for occupation has been placed all through out the building and a notice of a $20,000 fine for any person who may wish to tamper or remove the signs.  

Tobagodaily  is continuing to monitor the situation. 

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