Monday, May 13, 2013

Exorcism for Plymouth School Girls Coming:‘Outside’ help being sought for ‘possessed’ girls

An Assembly official has taken up the plight of several young school girls, who have been under the influence of “dark spirits” following an alleged grave-yard invocation in Plymouth recently. 

The official called Tobago News expressing grave concerns about the situation that has sent tongues wagging around the tightly-knitted village community of Plymouth and the rest of the island. “These girls have not experienced any relief despite the intervention of several church pastors,” noted the official. “We need to seek help for them from outside of Tobago,” declared the official. 

Tobago News investigations revealed that the girls are students of two secondary schools in the island. 

“The teaching staffs at these schools have been under a lot of pressure, whenever the girls act up with their supernatural antics,” said a school source. Most times the teachers have to go into prayer vigils to deal with the situation before the rampaging girls are taken away,” disclosed the source. 

Tobago News was told that it was possible for several spirits to come up during the alleged invocation process for a particular spirit. “If this happens then the person responsible may not have any control over these additional spirits hence the present problems,” said a very knowledgeable source. Tobago News was told that efforts are underway to bring up a well-known spiritual healer to address the current situation.


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  1. I hope they get the necessary spiritual release that they deserve, because so many people claim to be spiritual healers and as a consequence, they make matters worse. I am hoping and praying that this is not the case and the young girls get their much deserved breakthrough and recovery from this unfortunate and horrible ordeal.


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