Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Canaan family wants for justice to be served

The family of 34-year-old Tyrone Crawford of Canaan, is calling for justice to be served, following the death of their loved one. Family members say they are looking at their legal options at this time. Wife of the deceased Giselle Crawford, told this paper she remains in shock following the incident. The waitress attached to the Blue Haven Hotel, said her husband was concerned about the electrical wires for several years now.

“Tyrone told me about his concerns about the wires. T&TEC has been negligent in the matter, which should have been dealt with before my husband died. Now he is dead, action is being taken,” Crawford said.
The distraught woman said her three-year old daughter and her seven year-old son have been asking for their father.

“My daughter keeps asking for her daddy. She took his cell phone saying daddy is coming home soon, while I explained to my seven year-old son what happened to his daddy, and read the various newspaper articles on the incident,” Crawford said.

Crawford said she remains blank, and does not know how to feel in going forward, but continues to put her trust in God. Meanwhile, the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission has absolved itself from being blamed for the matter. Corporate Communications Manager Annabelle Brasnell says the Infrastructure Division is to be blamed for the death of Crawford.

“Our records revealed that no reports were made by the DIPU in the past to relocate their private infrastructure. The electrical infrastructure where the incident occurred, belongs to the DIPU; that is, all overhead lines and poles within the compound are the private property and responsibility of the DIPU,” Brasnell said.

Brasnell noted however , while the management and staff of the Commission are saddened by the incident, members of the public should remain vigilant.

“Members of the public need to be extra vigilant and perform the necessary safety checks when working around overhead lines and electrical equipment,” Brasnell said. 

In an immediate response, Infrastructure Secretary Hilton Sandy said his Division is not responsible for the high tension wires.

“I do not know where this blame-game is going, but T&TEC should ask who is responsible for the high tension wires. I will meet with my technicians on Monday on the matter,” Sandy promised.

Infrastructure Secretary Hilton Sandy, speaking at the weekly media briefing on Thursday has since announced that T&TEC Officials have made a recommendation to the Division, to raise the electrical lines on the compound and three poles are to be implemented by weekend. 

“New designs are to be carried out by T&TEC with longer poles to be planted in the area,’ Sandy said. 

Crawford died on Wednesday, when he was electrocuted on the compound of the Infrastructure Division at around 7:30 am. According to reports, a tray of a truck came into contact with an electrical wire and Crawford was thrown to the ground. 

Employees told Tobago News they have been complaining for the past 13 years about the live wires in the area but to no avail.


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