Monday, July 8, 2013

Political Deju Vu: Chaguanas West

There is nothing new under the sun, and today there is nothing new in what we are seeing unfolding in our political arena. Some may say that Jack Warner is a 'sour grape' hiding behind his constant statements of "my fight is against the Cabal". But is Jack Warner really a 'Bitter' man? or is he a political opportunist who have found a perfect opportunity to turn around a woeful end into a glorious beginning?

Warner's 360 degree turn against the UNC may amaze some, but for others, we are ever reminded and cognizant that politics in T&T has a morality of its own. It was not too long ago that the UNC would have gone through this very same dilemma. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj was deemed a Judas as he was seemingly jealous of the then Member of Parliament Carlos John and his purported successor role to the former leader   Basdeo Panday. Ramesh eventually broke ranks with the UNC forming "Team Unity" which at the end failed in its quest. In light of that history the question remains would Warner fail in his quest? 

The truth is that Warner's current situation is somewhat different from Ramesh's. Warner can be seen as 100 times more popular than Ramesh and to many may also be 100 times more politically clever and savvy. As one looks a bit more into recent history, one would notice the peculiarities of the 2010 general election. Please allow to point out a case in point. Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning, having elevated himself to a "maximus leader", did not listen to his "grassroot" supporters in giving them their desired candidate- Pennelope Beckles. Instead, a laurel Lezama Lee Sing the 'PNM Crapaud' was placed at the Arima seat losing her deposit to Rodger Samuel of the COP who would have not stood but a faint chance given that Manning would have rendered unto the 'grassroots' their candidate of choice. 

In like manner, 3 years post 2010, we have an identical situation facing us once again. Current Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar has given ear to her "Cabal" (those who detest Jacks popularity within the party) going against the very 'grassroot' supporters and as Manning has offered a child in the form of Khadijah Ameen to be her UNC Crapaud. 

History is repeating its self all over again. The 'Cabal' who advises the Prime Minister does not like Jack Warner's popularity and reach  in like manner Ramesh did not like Carlos John's rise in popularity. July 29 th Ms Persad-Bissessar would learn a telling lesson as did Manning. She would learn that Crapaud politics and tribal allegiance is dwindling. She would come face to face with the reality that she would have lost the Chaguanas West Constituency in the very way Manning would have lost his Arima 'SafeSeat'. 

Give the people what they want, or face Polital Deju Vu. 

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