Tuesday, July 9, 2013

THA distribute more Land Leases

Chief Secretary Orville London
“I’m happy, really happy. I have four children, so it’s a step in the right direction for us,” said Ingrid Thomas, who was among 23 people who received leases from the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) for land at Adelphi Estate in Tobago last week. 

Also among the recipients was the Cruickshank family, who lived on the estate for 65 years.
“Words can’t express how I feel, along with my sisters, to be owners of this property that we grew up on,” Solomi Cruickshank said after receiving the lease.

“You take comfort in the fact that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life,” THA Chief Secretary Orville London said at the distribution of the leases.

London said he was proud of his administration and, though the housing process had received criticism, the programme had persevered. 

“Enjoy your property, utilise it and ensure that you pass it on to the next generation,” London said.
Lease recipients included Bernadette Fraser Frank, Pamela Baptiste, Ingrid Thomas, Elsa Cruickshank, Fortleen Daniel, Radiance Douglas, Shirley Marilyn Johnson, Lois Quashie, Patricia Dennis, Juliet Sandy, Cynthia Smith, Allan Stewart, Mesmar Forbes, Mervyn Cowan, Garth Jacob, George Baptiste, Vera Sebro-Roberts, Cynthia and Carolyn Branche, Carl Manswell, Ethlyn Quashie, Lennox Spencer, Carmen Thompson and William Pantin.  

London praised the Land Management Unit for its administration of the programme.
The lease distribution process involved THA surveying the 49 acres of land that comprised Adelphi Estate, preparing the legal documents and registering it with the appropriate authorities, at THA’s expense.
To date, 100 of the 208 plots of land have been distributed.

Adelphi Estate was purchased by the THA in 2008 for an estimated $13 million. 
“Thank you,” said Tobago Emergency Management Authority (TEMA) acting director Allan Stewart.
“As a public officer myself, I understand the effort it took for this to come alive. We the people of Adelphi, we feel proud, we feel empowered.”

The Adelphi lease distribution took place last Tuesday at the office of the Chief Secretary in Calder Hall.


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