Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Volney Supports Jack Warner

Herbert Volney
Herbert Volney has signaled his intention to follow Jack Warner when he stated that he would be quitting the People's Partnership. During an interview with the media, Volney stated  "I saw the ship coming into harbour and I went out to meet it. Volney a former Minister within the Peoples Partnership was seen sporting a green tie  and jokingly told them that the green bay leaf in his hand keeps away the pest. 

Noting that he had no axe to grind , he stated that everyone needs forgiveness and reiterated that he was sacrificed like a lamb by the Peoples Partnership. He further stated that he had no problem supporting Jack Warner urging the people of Chaguanas West to forgive. 

Volney was sacked for the his role in engineering Cabinet’s approval for, and the President’s proclamation of Section 34 of the Administration of Justice  (Indictable Proceedings) 2011 Act.

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