Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Students from Various Schools Excell at CAPE/CSEC

The suspense of receiving CAPE OR CSEC results is now over and most students are relieved and are now looking ahead to future plans.

Among the top performing students in Tobago were Sunshine Arthur (Speyside High), Jacyeanne Samuel (Signal Hill), Khadisha Baird (Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation), Keishel Price (Mason Hall High), Selena Campbell (Harmon SDA School) and Delon Thompson (Roxborough Secondary). Hollisia Trim (Signal Hill) and Hakeem Charles (Speyside High) were among the top performers at the CAPE level. Tobago News has been unable to access any information about top performers at Bishop’s High School from the school itself or the Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport.

Hakeem Charles of Speyside High School excelled in Art at the CAPE examination. He obtained a grade 1. “Revising every evening helped me to pass; I was overjoyed upon receiving my grades.” He also received three grades 3s in his other various subject areas, which include; Caribbean studies, Geometrical Drawing and Environmental Science. This goal oriented young man, has been accepted into the University of the West Indies where he will be pursuing Art and Civil Engineering.

Khadisha Baird of Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation High School got distinctions in Mathematics and Human and Social Biology. She told Tobago News her hard work paid off. “I studied night and day; I lost a lot of sleep within the duration, prayed every day and got extra help from teachers and past papers,” the reserved student explained. Khadisha Baird, who secured nine CXC passes, stated that she was both surprised and satisfied at her results. Khadisha is unsure of her future career; however, she is certain that it would be in the field of science. 
Keishel Price of Mason Hall Secondary School attained eight subjects which include four distinctions in the areas of Food and Nutrition, Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social Studies.
“It was easy, with the help of websites, textbooks and study groups.” When I heard my results I found it unbelievable and I was filled with excitement. I would like to become a teacher and be creative with food. That’s why I have decided to go to Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI),” an overjoyed Keishel said.

Sunshine Arthur, 16, who recently graduated from Speyside High has not only made herself proud, but her father Curtis Arthur and other family members as well. Sunshine received the call about her seven subjects while on vacation in the United States. She told Tobago News that after such scores, she is motivated to keep going in her education. 
Sunshine wrote eight subjects and secured grade ones in Biology, English A and B, Geography and Social Studies. She also scored a grade two in Caribbean History and a grade three for Mathematics, her most challenging. Her result for Spanish is still outstanding.
“I thought for sure I would get a five in Math but I am pleased about the three; it tells me I can do Math,” an elated Sunshine told Tobago News. Sunshine plans to return to Speyside High School in sixth form to continue her educational goals. While there, she would give Mathematics another try. Ultimately, Sunshine would like to pursue a career in investigative journalism and work for a well-known paper. 
Sunshine studied hard and put in long hours to accomplish what she did at CXC. Although, she made time for television and just relaxing, her father said she would often get up early in the morning to study before going to school. 

Kharraysa Andrews of Harmon School of Seventh-Day Adventists obtained nine subjects which include two distinctions. When asked what her methods of success were, she commented: “I attended Pray Breakfast, studied a lot and practiced past papers.” 
Upon receiving her results, Kharraysa exclaimed that she was overjoyed. “I would like to go to sixth form at Bishops High school and from there the University of West Indies,” she said.


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