Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tobago Men Charge for Human Trafficking

According to Casandra Thompson-Forbes of the guardian, Two Tobago me are scheduled to appear in the Scarborough Magistrates Court charged with offences realated to human trafficking. 

This arrest is the second time charges have been laid under the trafficking in Persons Act No 14 of 2011. 

Andy Arthur, also known as "Kolongi," 44, of Dalaford, Tobago, and Jason Colthurst, also know as "Life," 37, of Bethel, Tobago, were arrested and charged on September 3, with trafficking two Venezuelan women under age 25. 

The men were charged under Section 16 of the Trafficking in Persons Act No 14 of 2011.

It is alleged, for the purpose of exploitation the men recruited, transported, harbored and transferred the women during May and June 2013. Arthur, a Tobago contractor, and Colthrust, a deportee from the United States  are being represented by their respective Attorneys. 

Charges were laid by WPC Marshall of ther Counter Trafficking Unit, however, both men are currently on $175,000 bail. 

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