Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tobago Polluted by Low Grade Diesel

“Clean, green, safe and serene”, is the mantra of Tobago and for this reason, the island has attracted many tourists from far and wide to bask in its beautiful waters and be refreshed with a breath of clean air. However, Tobago’s air is daily being polluted by exhaust fumes from buses owned by the Public Service Transportation Company (PTSC).

Patricia Turpin, president of Environment Tobago says that the fumes emitted, adds to the unbearable heat faced in Scarborough on sunny days.

Turpin added that this is a bad reflection on the government, who has only recently finished the draft legislation which would help reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. She noted that the carbon monoxide causes a lot of health problems for the public.

Commenting on the matter during a recent visit to Tobago, Minister of Transport, Chandresh Sharma attributed the problem to the type of diesel used.

Also confirming that the problem stems from a low grade diesel, Senior Personal Engineer in PTSC Tobago, Robinson Manswell assured that the corporation is taking steps to address the problem in light of complaints.

A representative from Environment Tobago commenting on the issue indicated that over the years they have worked assiduously to raise awareness on the issue of Air Pollution. However, it seems as though all their concerns and recommendations have fallen on deaf ears!

Environment Tobago is a NGO and as such, do not have the authority to take any action except to bring to the fore the issues at hand.  They are hoping that something is done about the issues as soon as possible. 


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