Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ian Alleyne Appears on PP's Platform for Local Election Opening

Ian Alleyne
CRIME Watch host Ian Alleyne showed up on the platform of the People’s Partnership in San Fernando on Monday night, to deny that he had been approached by politicians to run for office.

However, Alleyne said he was prepared to put his differences aside and assist the Government in dealing with crime.

Alleyne said he was never approached by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Attorney General Anand Ramlogan to contest the St Joseph seat as a United National Congress (UNC) candidate.

Alleyne caused a stir as he entered the crowd at the People’s Partnership launch of its local government elections campaign at Harris Promenade, San Fernando, where the UNC, Congress of the People (COP) and National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) presented 136 candidates.

And the excitement mounted as Alleyne was called to the podium by master of ceremonies, Minister of Sport Anil Roberts.

Alleyne said he attended the meeting simply to settle a score and not as a member of any political party.
“A lot may be surprised to see me on this platform, but I came here to settle a score. Recently, you have heard Jack Warner making statements that I, Ian Alleyne, called the Attorney General or vice versa, and he conferenced me on a call with the Prime Minister, telling me that I should be the candidate for St Joseph. The last time I spoke to the Prime Minister was in 2011. The last time I spoke to the Attorney General was a couple weeks ago,” he said.

Alleyne said he frequently calls on Ramlogan to seek assistance for crime victims.
“I have had occasion, because of the programme I am doing and with respect to dealing with victims of crime, to call the Attorney General to implement plans in place to assist crime victims, to assist those on the run, those running from dead-beat fathers, those who are running from kidnappers. I have had the opportunity to ask the Attorney General to assist in the witness protection programme,” he said.

At a political meeting in Point Fortin last week, Independent Liberal Party (ILP) interim leader Warner alleged that Alleyne was asked to contest the St Joseph by-election on a UNC ticket. 
“To Jack Warner, remember thou shall not lie,” Alleyne shouted.

Alleyne said he did not attend the People’s Partnership meeting as a politician, but a concerned citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.

“I am not here about politics, I am not here about party. I am here for country and I am glad that I am getting this platform. Much has been said about entering the arena of politics...that people buy you out. They cannot afford me. I need no political position, I need no political appointment. Whatever the people want in St Joseph, let them be the judge.”

Alleyne said he was willing to work with Minister of National Security Gary Griffith in the fight against crime. 
“I am not ashamed to tell this Government they have the equipment, but the problem is I have the information. This is not about party. For years we have been going around. I have the information. I have decided not to work with them, not to work with Gibbs (former police commissioner), not to work with the People’s Partnership, no politics,” he said.

But he was now ready to put country first and his differences aside, Alleyne said.
“Forget whatever happened. Let us get Gary Griffith, let us get the Prime Minister. I have information, you have equipment. Let us clean up the dance.”


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