Monday, October 21, 2013

Police probe Gang-rape of School girl in Tobago

Police are said to be investigating a report about a gut-wrenching gang rape of a form 3 girl from a secondary school in the windward region of the island.

According to a school source, the girl was repeatedly raped by four men and a school boy at a house during a football game between her school and another secondary school recently.

“While all attention was riveted on the football field, where both teams were battling it out, these big men took the opportunity to sexually abuse this child,” cried the source. 

The source revealed that the girl already had a case of sexual abuse from a senior male relative pending. Since the incident, police have visited the school and have been holding sessions with certain classes,” reported the source. 

One schools’ guidance officer told Tobago News that they were literally overwhelmed by the social problems being confronted by students attending secondary schools on the island. 

“We have an obvious lack of capacity in the resources to deal with these problems,” confessed the officer. 

“We even have a situation where one counsellor has to service two schools plus the supporting social infrastructure is practically non-existent,” lamented the officer.


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