Friday, December 6, 2013

Car Plunges over cliff: Baby thrown into sea

Three people inclusive of a baby  were yesterday hospitalized after the car in which they were travelling plunge over the cliff. According to a resident in the area, at around 4:45 pm the car was travelling along the Windward Road in the vicinity of Shangi Hill, Studley Park when it swerved trying to avoid a cement truck coming in the opposite direction.  The car went down the precipice and landed on the rocky shore below.

Divisional Fire Officer David Thomas, stated that the occupants were Marlon Muir, Maureen McMillan and one-and-a-half year-old baby, Lesley Muir. The baby was reportedly thrown from the car and with responders having to retrieved the baby from the water. After reviving the baby, she was rushed to Scarborough general hospital. Her current state remains unknown at that time.

Tobagodaily continues to plead with all motorist to be extra vigilant on the nations road way, as it seems to be a growing trend that around the Christmas holidays strange occurrences happens on our road ways. 

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