Saturday, January 25, 2014

Scarborough Library to Open in April

AFTER ten years of building work, Scarborough Library is expected to open by the end of April. 
The announcement was made by the Tobago House of Assembly’s (THA) Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (DIPU).

The final estimated cost of the project is $86 million. This is more than double the estimated cost announced by the THA in April 2011 by the then Secretary of the DIPU, Godwin Adams.

The re-construction of the library in downtown Scarborough was started by the THA in 2004 after the original structure was damaged as a result of an earthquake in 1998.

The project has continually faced delays, with the public being forced to travel to the annex of the Signal Hill Secondary School to access library services.

In May last year, the Secretary of the Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport (DEYAS), Gary Melville, publicly announced that library staff were expected to move into the building by June 2013.

This was followed by an announcement in September by the Secretary of the DIPU, Hilton Sandy, that the library was 95% complete and that the THA was in the tendering process to procure state of the art equipment for the library. He also indicated that books had already been brought.
In a statement on Friday, the DIPU said, “The Project Manager, National Maintenance Training and Security Company Limited (MTS) has advised the THA that the building is 90% completed, including external works. Furniture, fittings and equipment should be delivered and installed by March.” 

“Tenders for the information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure have been received and evaluated and recommendations are being reviewed". 


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