Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Head of Tobago masjid questions arrests and detention in Carapo

Imam Muzafar Mohammed is calling on the authorities to tell the Muslim population why a number of them

were arrested and then released without any charges being laid.

Mohammed made his comments yesterday as Muslims in Tobago came out in their numbers at the Masjid Al Tawbah in Lowlands, during Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations.

Last week, a number of Muslims were arrested while praying at the Ca­rapo mosque. They were later released without any charges being laid.

“Well, I have not been following that issue, but if they have been arrested and released without charges, well, you know, we ask the question, why were they arrested in the first place?” said Mohammed.

He made it clear Muslims are not terrorists but instead protectors of those who do right.
“Because we stand up to defend our lives, our beloved ones, our pro­phet, our dignity, our honour, they call us terrorists. They call us fundamen­talists, they call us so many names.”

Mohammed called on criminal elements in society to draw closer to the Creator, doing what is right and pleasing to Allah.

“Those who commit crimes, those who hurt other people, those who do wrong things; if we know that the Almighty we have to return to one day is looking at us, and he will take us to account for every action of ours, then that should be able to check our actions,” he said.

Also present during the celebrations was Tobago House of Assem­bly (THA) Culture Secretary Dr Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus, who stated in light of the ongoing Tobago Heritage Festival, despite the differen­ces in culture, there are similarities to the Muslim faith.

Celebrations continued into the afternoon.


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