Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Scarborough Library Opened

The controversial decade-old Scarborough Library has now been completed  at a cost of over $86 million, double the original estimated cost. 

Construction of the spanking new building which started in 2004 was finally opened to members of the public yesterday.

It has been a long wait as many thought it would have never been a reality, but the final of three mega projects by the present PNM-led Tobago House of Assembly (THA) has been delivered to the people of Tobago. 

Following an earthquake in 1997, the library facility was damaged considerably and later demolished. Head of Library Services Tobago, Helen Johnson, told the Express the building is also accommodating wheelchair bound persons and the visually impaired. 

“It’s a big sense of relief. We have been in Signal Hill since 2000, so it’s good to be able to come back to Scarborough and once again offer the full range of services to the members of the public,” Johnson said. 

Education Secretary Huey Cadette was observed sitting through a story-telling session in the presence of former senator Dr Eastlyn McKenzie. 

He called the opening of the facility a significant one under his tenure.   “I am extremely proud. I think this is a step into the future, a significant step into the future for all of Tobago, young people, children, youth of yesterday, young adults, everyone. The visually impaired, everyone can find a peace at the library,” Huey Cadette said. 

Among the sections of the library are the Eastlyn McKenzie Children’s Library, the Anne Mitchell-Gift Auditorium,  the James  Biggart Adult Library and the Susan Graig-James Heritage Library.  

McKenzie had this message for the children of Tobago: “Let them come in, let them read, let them research and let them be inspired by the people who they would see.” 

The Library is open to members of the public from 8.30 a.m, Monday to Saturday. 


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