Friday, January 8, 2016

Tobago Villa Makes Forbes Magazine

Villa Being, photo taken from Forbes
Tobago has made it to one of America's largest and most prestigious Business magazines, Forbes. If you are probably wondering what is the significance of such an entry in the "capitalist tool", consider that the site is frequented by 27 million unique individuals every month, something that might be equivalent to the reach of several years of Tourism Division's advertisement of this island.

Featured in the Lifestyle Section of the Magazine is story on one of our vacation destinations dubbed as "The Most Fabulous Vacation Villa in Tobago: Villa Being". This Villa is located in the lush tropical hills some where in Arnos Vale.

As at the time of writing, Forbes would have recorded approximately 16,000 views of this entry. This exposure is equivalent to approximately 26% of Tobago's population.

TobagoDaily joins with the rest of Tobago in saying that we are proud in seeing such gratifying achievement of our very own, published in one of the world's most renowned marketing magazine. Expectantly, we hope that it can contribute in further exposing our most beautiful and serene Island to the world amidst the claims of falling arrivals and hotel bookings for Tobago.

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