Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ashworth Jack: A Political Prostitute.

Minority Leader, Ashworth Jack
Political prostitution has probably been around since the creation of Politics itself.  The fundamental idea behind the concept of prostitution is that someone is willing to provide a perverted service to another in return for a payment. Political prostitution may be defined as the "offering of one’s services or power for a corrupt use, for the sake of personal or financial gain". Thus, politicians who engage in selling their influence and power in an effort to secure personal achievements and gains can be considered Political Prostitutes. 

Given the definition,  Ashworth Jack by all means, can be viewed as a political prostitute.  In the 2010 General Election, Jack was accused of selling out Tobago for 15 million, something he categorically denied and threatened to sue the ones who were responsible. However true or false that might be, it is something only his account can corroborate. However, in recent times, Mr. Jack have asserted that his political alliance with the PP is to wrest the THA from the clutches of the PNM and in so doing archived his long desire of being Chief Secretary and somehow attain political self actualization. 

Political prostitution is now threatening the island of Tobago. One cannot seek to be chief secretary solely because it is someone's life long political dream. The chief secretary's office should not be the covet of an individual whose fairy-tale is attaining the position and then "live happily ever after". Moreover, it should be reserved for an individual who has the development of Tobago at heart, and is prepared to lay down his/her life for the advancement of the island of Tobago. 

So in-addition to occupying your minds with that of BOLT, Unfinished projects, and Race talks, engage your self in visualizing the behavior of your Minority Leader and how he has lowered himself in being a political prostitute before our very own eyes.  More like a real time prostitute, Ashworth Jack has listed him self for personal gain/s. Moreover, he has sold his political influence within Tobago to the UNC lead buyer within the PP government offering them "handjobs" and "Orals" for  political power and financial wealth. 

Whats more interesting is that when you examine the act of prostitution closely, the buyer has supreme control in how the "act" is going to proceed, and in most cases influences the prostitute's every action for the given time of purchase thereafter so long that he/she (the prostitute) have accepted the payment. It is no secret that the  Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar is intent on claiming what she called "the last jewel" of the People's National Movement"s crown, and the only way she can achieve this is by enlisting the services of  Jack's gang.  

Political prostitution is the bane of party politics which seems to be pervading the mind body and sole of Tobago electorates. Tobago do not be fooled that these political prostitutes are dressed in mini-skirts and platform shoes or are they standing on the side of the road waiting for a "pullup" person to come take them away. Rather, they are clad in designer suits, jacket and ties and drives Prado SUVs  and other luxury vehicles courtesy your tax payers monies. For most part, the TOP has demonstrated little or no influence within the PP coalition, and thus one must question and consider the real agenda in the PP's purchase of Ashworth Jack.  Tobago must not allow the institution of the THA to be diminished into a brothel like establishment where political prostitutes congregate and engage themselves in the immoral activity of selling the sole, body and fabric of Tobagonians for one's personal profit or pleasure.  Tobago must emphatically reject all Political Prostitutes. 

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