Monday, November 12, 2012

THA Elections Carded for January 21 2013

The stage has now been set for what might be the greatest battle ever fought for the coveted seat of power in Tobago. The THA elections has now set for January 21st 2013. Nomination date would be December 31 2012.  Tobagonians once again has been tossed in election mode during the Christmas and Carnival period. How much of the political issues would actually influence vote, would be a variable for political analysts to examine and measure.

The two major parties to contest the up coming election would the People's National Movement and the Tobago Organisation of the People. The PNM would be by no doubt locked in a fierce battle with a member of the PP government the TOP.  The other major party contesting the election is The Platform of Truth lead by former Chief Secretary Hochoy Charles. At present, the Tobago PNM and the TOP are considered the front runners in the campaign. The PNM has eight seats while the TOP controls four seats in the House.

Already, both parties have been mobilizing and heavy campaign is expected be seen within the next month. They have all expressed confidence in securing victory.  

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