Friday, December 7, 2012

Health Scare at New Tobago Hospital

Workers at the partially opened Scarborough Hospital complained about red bags and containers containing medical waste being piled up at the facility. Workers indicated that they were concerned as the incinerator would have shut down. This caused bags of waste to pile up in rooms at the hospital. Workers at the hospital said they were fearful since the bags of waste contained body parts and could be hazardous to workers, due to the number of plastic bags locked away in rooms at the new hospital

When the media contacted the CEO of the Tobago Regional Health Authority Paula Chester -Cumberbatch for a response on the matter, she indicated that the ATI CP- 30 Incinerator at the new hospital was non functional for one week and not two months. She also refuted claims of body parts in the red bags which were packed in rooms at the hospital. "That is far from the truth. In fact we have tried at the hospital to reduce amputations. In the past the number of amputations carried out were between 15-20 per month. To date the number is now approximately one per month," Cumberbatch said.

She further indicated that as a result of the Incinerator being down, medical waste was now being stored in a chilled room designed for such purpose. "Since the machine is under warranty, NIPDEC together with the contractor conducted the repair-works required which were completed yesterday (Thursday). The Incinerator Operators resumed burning-operations Friday morning," Cumberbatch said.

"We have also written to the Environment Management Agency to have another incinerator moved to the New Scarborough General Hospital, to ensure efficiency, and that sufficient mechanisms are in place, to avoid any reoccurrence," Cumberbatch said.

Meanwhile, the TRHA is looking at December 15th in its attempt to have the New Scarborough General hospital fully operational. 

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