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TOP meeting in Charlotteville

TOP Party Supporters In Charlotteville
Last Saturday, the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) held a public meeting in Charlotteville to rally its base before the Tobago House of Assembly Election, which will be held on January 21.
In addition to a bar-b-que in aid of the children's Christmas treat, the TOP brought the issues to Charlotteville as they saw it in an effort to "move the island forward."

The first speaker of the night Fitzherbert Taylor, candidate for the Parlatuvier/L'Anse Fourmi/Speyside district described a tourism sector that "fell flat on its face." Taylor explained that it was no accident that the THA led PNM administration sat at the helm of the destruction of the tourism industry. Making a link to the THA being the dominant employer on the island, Taylor described a systematic plan against the tourism industry to accomplish this goal. In an attempt to discuss possible TOP policy framework for these sectors, Taylor went on making comparisons between Tobago and Grenada a country with a population of a little over 100,000.

He focused on the decline over the past 12 years of the agricultural and tourism sectors and Grenada's efforts to boosts these sectors.

Taylor then turned his attention to the treatment of non-PNM Tobagonians by the THA. "No country can strive in the presence of oppression, intimidation, and victimisation," Taylor said.

In wrapping up, Taylor brought to light several issues of concern to the village of Charlotteville including, the Health Centre, the Turpin corner and the vendors mall. Linking the health centre issue to the dangerous corner "where busses continue to drag on their bottoms to come into Charlotteville," candidate Taylor described the early September accident involving over twenty army personnel as "shameful," whereby soldiers had to "endure hours on the grass and the pavilion." He went on to note the importance of the health centre being opened around the clock. Taylor went on stating that, "TOP will ensure that all the people's needs are being taken care of advancing the cause of every Tobagonian."

When Anslem Richards took the stage his aims were to correct what he believes is the "misinformation and mis-education" of the PNM.

He described the 200 nautical miles advocated by Dr. Vanus James and the PNM's opposition to the Green Paper as attempts to "make mischief and creating a false sense of expectation." Richard states, "he intends on calling them out where they mislead you," but assured the crowd that "what is entitled to Tobago will come to Tobago." He told the crowd "if a political party has to lie to you about their official position, they are stealing the election."

Richards later turned his attention to a report from the Division of Health and Social Services indicating that 19% or approximately 11,400 Tobagonians living below the poverty line. Richards blasted the THA PNM for its "inability and incompetence" given the time and resources it had, "12 years and $22 billion." Richards told the crowd "this election is not about the PP government in Trinidad, but a call to account of the PNM's stewardship."

Minister Alleyne-Toppin took the stage and promised, "Tobago East will bring home 6 seats with a TOP victory in every village." She thanked the voters of Charlotteville, "many of who are PNM that voted for me in 2010," and urged them to vote for Taylor in January.

Alleyne-Toppin continued to raise her points against the PNM in what she believes is their attempt to use "fear, distrust and envy," to control the population in addition to using the race card. This is a "simple method of mashing up a society," Alleyne-Toppin said.

Alleyne-Toppin took time to discuss the issue of CEPEP and URP jobs describing them as the "lowest rungs on the ladder," and efforts of the PNM to hinder educational progress with a closed library in Charlotteville and the lack of a YTEPP programme in the community. She urged villagers and residents to bring Charlotteville back to the place it once was. She discussed the "reawakening of Hermitage," and efforts to bring pipe- borne water to the area supported by the PP government and the TOP. Plans are also in the works for creating access roads to the once fertile farms lands in the area.

"Will you give Mr. London any more time to waste more time?" the Minister asked. Describing the PNM as "backward, non-functional and non-developmental," Alleyne-Toppin encouraged the crowd to stain their fingers red, "but let it be the only red thing near you, stay focused on the yellow.

According to the Minister, the PNM will pay the ultimate price at the polls on January 21

Reproduced from Tobagonews

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