Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tobago Policewoman stabbed in Moriah

Special Reserve Police officer Bernadette Fraser-Bailey, of King’s Peter Bay Road in Moriah, was stabbed in the head yesterday during a domestic dispute with her common husband, a Guyanese national.

According to Senior Supt of Police, Tobago, Garfield Moore, the incident occurred around 6.30 a.m.

 Fraser, who is attached to the Environment Management Authority Department in Tobago, was stabbed repeatedly in the head and other parts of her body with a screw driver.

Fraser was treated for her injuries at Scarborough General Hospital and discharged.
The assailant later drank a poisonous substance and was rushed to the Scarborough hospital for treatment.

Moriah police and the Homicide Bureau are continuing investigations into the matter. —Elizabeth Williams.



  1. why is she with a Guyanese and i heard he later died...may he soul rest in pieces....

  2. She could be with who she want to be with. What a Tobago man wouldnt do that .

  3. y r we defending tobago men anyone can do anything its all in their minds

  4. but de man en she husband

  5. People will talk, things happen that doesn't give him the right to stab

  6. Thats very sad pray for peace all around the world.....

  7. what can i sat its unfortunate and i hope that she recovers from this horrendous ordeal which no woman should go through and with lots of prayers love and care she will get better

  8. yea tha pal tha was just dumb to ask "why is she with a guyanese"


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