Thursday, April 18, 2013

DPP Orders Charges To Be Laid On Police Officer In Sea Lots Accident

It took almost two months for the investigation in the fatal accident that took three lives at Sealots to finally come to completion. Director of Public Prosecutions, Roger Gaspard on Thursday instructed that the police driver of the vehicle that killed a woman and her two children be charged with three offences of causing death by dangerous driving and also for injuring the other three. 

The charges have come after Head of the Police Complaints Authority, Gillian Lucky, would have asked Ag. Police Commissioner what was delaying the probe into the fatal accident. There was wide spread speculation that the cop would have walked free as the investigation took many turns and was said to be botched. 

On February 24 an off duty police officer's vehicle collided into a group of people around 9.10. Haydee Paul, 28 and her daughters, Shakira, 7 and Akasha, 8 were on the pavement of the westbound lane of the highway, close to Production Drive, Sea Lots, when the officer's car mounted the pavement and slammed into them. They died instantly.  

The fatal accident triggered protests from enraged Sea Lots residents who, on Sunday, claimed police removed a half-empty bottle of whisky from the officer's vehicle, a claim police on the scene immediately denied.

On the day of the accident, police said they were forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets to quell the chaos, as residents had blocked the Beetham Highway.

The Officer is said to be on suspension and would be taken to Court on Monday. 

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