Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is PNM a Sinking Ship in Tobago?

Orville London, PNM Leader Tobago
With the election bell ringing and the countdown to January 21st 2013 in full swing, PNM is on the street campaigning as all seems to be ready given that their final list of candidates have been chosen and revealed. However, closer examination of the Party itself and their campaign message can be very disheartening. After all, how can an incumbent defend almost 12 years without any or little tangibles to show. Where is the vibrance and  the energy the ship of PNM once exhibited?  Where is the vigor, and charisma once seen emanating from behind the pulpits of those 'has been' which continue to defined themselves as defenders of this island and Tobago's heritage. 

Hilton Sandy
The mental suffering of listening to a meeting last week at Roxborough was indescribable  A feeble speaking  Hilton Sandy - as though on a hunger strike, could barely muster any form of grit, vim, sturdiness or energy to confirm in one's mind that he is fit to run another "four miles" if he were to be reelected.  Perhaps trying to convince even himself as much as the people, he boasted about "progress" he had made for 'them'. He highlighted among other things the housing development, fishing depot, and bringing back the bank. Truth be told, these are not true development. Take a trip four years in the past and one would discover that nothing much have changed and given his demeanor and disposition as an exanimate politician, four years in the future would see little if any change at all. 

A closer look  at the candidate's listing for the PNM yields little comfort about the process of succession planning especially for the position of Leader within the their party. Who can we possible isolate as a key contender to the realm of PNM leadership in Tobago? Clearly, the likes of Orville London, Hilton Sandy and Godwin Adams would be considered as has been, heading for the Political Grave Yard if given another four years. As a result of this given reality, one is left with no clear out-of-the-hat prospective Leader for PNM-Tobago. By all means, given that seven of its current candidates are newbies, they don't strike one as being politically mature to ably lead the PNM ship afloat. As a consequence, the likes of Tracy Davidson or Claudia Groome Duke as stalwarts are their best hope and probably only option for the position of leader. Now is this a Sinking Ship?  Do not be deceived, or mistaken, a perceived male bias in this article must not be mis-skewed for one being Sexist. However, much like the PP, they both have the potential to lead the PNM into a Political Ditch given that they do not possess the balls needed to lead Tobago.

One must note critically, that any lost of seats by the PNM in this election is evidence of a Sinking Ship for all passengers aboard. Orville failure to groom persons to succeed him would do little to help their cause given that the older folks have but one more hoorah remained. It is therefore imperative that Captain London sees it fit to nurture, train and prep persons who are most likely to succeed him. Do not leave it up to chance or arbitrary circumstances much like PNM Trinidad to select Tobago's future PNM's Leader. As much as TOP may appreciate such, many persons would not like to hear the words  "ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small problem, our leadership engines have stopped. We are doing our damn best to get them started again. I trust you are not in too much distress." Captain Orville London.

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